Office Location: Sharon O’Hara MFT, Primary Office: 9730 Wilshire Blvd. (Suite 101) Beverly Hills, CA 90212Secondary Office: San Pedro CA 90732.

Phone: 310-326-5534, email:

Telephone/Skype therapy:  Available on a case-by-case basis.  Please call or email me for further information.

Individual therapy: 1-hour sessions. Typical topics covered: relationship problems, handling anxiety/depressed feelings, handling sexual addiction problems (eg. porn, affairs, prostitutes, legal issues) exploring family of origin issues and resolving old traumas.

Couples therapy: Learn to communicate more effectively with your partner. Remove the blocks to experiencing healthy sex. “Homework” assignments offered and encouraged.


Speaking: Sharon O’Hara is available to make presentations for seminars, conferences, and to appear on radio and television or Internet programs. A dynamic speaker, she does not charge a fee for 1-hour presentations to local (Los Angeles) hospitals, halfway houses or other institutions. She is willing to travel to other states or countries for a negotiated fee. Possible topics include:

  • What Is Sexual Addiction and How to Recovery from It
  • Grounding Techniques for Addicts and Partners
  • Practical Demonstration of EFT with Addiction Issues
  • How Sexual Addiction Interacts with Chemical Dependency
  • How Romantic Relationships go wrong in Addiction Recovery


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